Phone Services




Virtual Introductions


This is meant to serve as an introduction to get to know a each other a bit, though you may get a bit of steamy teasing if we click! I do this for gents that are on the fence and need a bit of help deciding if they would like to book an experience with me! Believe me I get it. You are tired of being mislead, you are tired of not knowing what you are getting yourself into. You are tired of having certain expectations only to be let down. Ultimately, you are just tired of everything turning out to be too good to be true! Book a quick call with me so that at the very least, you could have the opportunity to meet and chat with me and see if there is any chemistry between us!


Available Methods Of Payment

* E-Transfer:

Paysend: Please refer to my RSVP page for Paydend instructions. 


*** Please Note:

- I do not show my face or any nudity at any time during the visual call! Please do not ask!

- Must be scheduled in advance!

- Visual calls can be made using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype.



Intro Phone Call: 
  $25 - 10 Min 
  $40 - 20 Min 
Intro Visual Call:
  $35 - 10 Min
  $50 - 20 Min




Virtual Fantasies


I offer services that you can experience with me from the comfort of home or wherever you are! If we are thousands of miles apart and/or you are lonely but aren't able to make a get away to come and see me in person, then this might be a wonderful alternative where dreamers can certainly dare to dream!


***Please Note:

- I do not offer webcam shows at this time!

- Must be scheduled in advance!



 Sext Chat:
  $30 - 15 Min  
  $50 - 30 Min
  $70 - 45 Min
  $200 - Sext All Day  
  Erotic Phone Call:
  $45 - 15 Min
  $75 - 30 Min
 Exclusive Photos:
$20 - 1 Photo
$50 - 3 Photos
$75 - 6 Photos (Max)