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Welcome to my blog where you get an inside look at my thoughts, feelings and events happening in my life. This is a great way to get to know me a bit more in depth before finally meeting with me in person!




Who is at greater risk of getting ripped off? Client vs Sex Worker

4th Aug 2022

People are getting ripped off in this industry and ruining it for the honest people out there! The question is, who is more likely to get ripped off and how can we all protect ourselves from these scams?

Why Escort Companions Create Wishlists

10th Jul 2022

Escorts are always ridiculed in some way or another for creating wishlists or offering incentives in exchange for the things that they want... but is it really so wrong?

Official Retirement Plans??

13th Jun 2022

Well it's bound to happen one day, but when?

A hard NO to providing a menu

10th Jun 2022

If you want a real and true girlfriend experience then I must get rid of the idea that there needs to be a menu. Real girlfriends do not have a "To Do List."

How COVID-19 has changed my retirement plans!

13th Oct 2020

I had planned to partially retire at the end of this year and fully retire by the summer of next year! I still plan to retire but when?

The Heat of Passion (Erotic Story Ch. 3)

26th Apr 2020

We reach the ultimate climax of the story. The sexiest and juiciest part of the tale. Can Kyle handle Melissa and her naughty ways or will he back out?

Anticipation (Erotic Story Ch. 2)

22nd Mar 2020

You didn't think I was going to give you the hot and steamy parts of the story right away did you? I like the build up before the climax and I hope you do to! Let's see what happens when Kyle discovers who I am.

The Pleasure is Mine (Erotic Story Ch. 1)

6th Mar 2020

Sure he's successful. Sure he has it all. Yet his life still seems to be going in a downward spiral. That is until he meets a fiery young woman with gorgeous bronze skin and a deep exotic gaze. She shows him what life is really all about. She shows him that life is meant to be enjoyed. As a matter of fact she showed him everything as she bared it all right there in front of him.

Goodbye Summer!

16th Sep 2019

A glance back at Summer 2019 as experienced by Melissa Carter!

What's New in the New Year?

3rd Mar 2019

It's a new year and so new things are coming!

Miss Mary Jane is Legal

23rd Oct 2018

Read what I think about the legalization of Cannabis in Canada!

Melissa's Bedroom Music

18th Sep 2018

A deeper look into why I play the music that I play when we are in the bedroom.

Fly Me To You... Melissa With Wings

1st Sep 2018

Whisper my name and I will fly to you!

From Hoe to Heaux: Turning a Negative into a Positive

30th Jul 2018

It’s 2018 and the word HOE has evolved! Keep up!

Losing weight

27th May 2018

I talk about the long journey I had with my body, my weight loss and how I did it and how I've come to love myself!

Welcome to my new website!

11th May 2018

I touch on why I've been MIA before the launch of my new website.