An investment is made for the purpose of serving some sort of objective for the investor. As a result, you put something in with the hope of gaining something of higher value in return. 

      When you make an investment towards a woman like me, you are guaranteed to gain breath taking experiences that where I ensure you feel needed, wanted and every bit the incredible man that you are! You are investing into a young lady who serves as an escape from the mundane repetition of every day life. My desire to please you beyond measure will leave an everlasting impression and make you feel a complete sense of self actualization! Allow me to be your muse, your confidante, your motivator, your addiction, and your therapeutic release. Most of all, allow me the pleasure of being yours for however long you need me!





The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

There is the Girlfriend Experience and then there's the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience! This is an experience curated just for you where the goal is to not come off as feeling transactional. It should feel like the most authentic of experiences where a woman shows exactly how much she cares for a man... how much she yearns to please him with her passion! It should feel like the converstations flow effortlessly, the laughter is genuine and the electric desire for each other can be felt in the air!
You never have to worry that time spent with me will feel like we are just mindlessly "going through the motions." Instead you are in the company of an attentively, affectionate girlfriend who has every intention of building chemistry and creating feelings of a natural connection! 
In public, I can be sweet, classy and demure with a hint of mischief twinkling in my deep, brown eyes. Inevitably, my body language may fail at concealing the magnetic attraction pulling towards you, but I promise that I will mostly be a good girl until we are behind closed doors! 

***Please Note:

- I will need plenty of rest for some extended dates so that I can be refreshed and energetic for you! Please consider the following: 

- 3+ Hours requires a light meal

- 4+ Hours requires a full meal and minimum 2 Hours social time

- 10 - 15 Hours requires a full meal and a minimum 6 Hours of uninterupted sleep

- 24+ Hours requires a minimum 2 meals and a minimum of 8 Hours of uninterupted sleep




   About My GTA Incall Locations







(Rates are in CAD)  




1 Hour400 (PSE +150)

A gent in a hurry

90 Min -600 (PSE +150)

- Recommended for new friends

2 Hours - 800 (PSE +200)

- A Brief Escape

(Min. requirement for a trip to the islands!)

3 Hours - 1,050 (PSE +200)

- Cocktail Hour 

  (1 Hour Drinks in Public + 2 Hours Alone)

3 Hours - 1,250 (PSE +300)

- Slow Intimacy

(3 Hours Alone for shy gents)

4 Hours - 1,350 (PSE +300)

- Lighthearted Lunch Date

  (2 Hours Lunch in Public + 2 Hours Alone)

4 Hours - 1,450 (PSE +300)

- Delectable Dinner Date

 (2 Hours Dinner/Drinks in Public + 2 Hours Alone)

* I get more dressed up than the lunch date!

4 Hours - 1,600 (PSE +300)

- Ultimate Fun & Relaxation 

(4 Hours of Alone Time reserved for gents I have already established a connection with)

* Must provide/order food/drinks 

5 Hours - 1,800 (PSE +400)

- Chocolate Arm Candy

(Perfect for when you want to take me to an event/party/gala before the main fun!)

6 Hours - 2,100 (PSE +400)

- Prolonging The Fantasy

 10 Hours - 3,000 (PSE +500)

- Overnight Dream

 (Starting anytime between 8PM - 12AM)

10 Hours - 3,250 (PSE +500)

- Divine DayDream

 (Starting anytime between 9AM - 2PM)

14 - 15 Hours - 4,000 (PSE +500)

- Breakfast in Bed

(Extended Overnight starting anytime between 5PM - 9PM)

24 Hours - 5,500 (PSE +750)

- Only a Day Away

48 Hours - 8,000 (PSE +1,000)

- Deux Jours



* Each additional Hour: +300 

* Each additional Day: +2000

* Couples: +200/hour





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