An investment is made for the purpose of serving some sort of objective for the investor. As a result, you put something in with the hope or determination of gaining something of higher value in return. 


Most people make investments because their objective is to increase profits. However, there are many different forms of investing. For example, I invest my time and money into going to the gym. What I've gained was that I've lost 60lbs and have been able to maintain a physique that is healthy and fit. It instills an unwavering confidence and appreciation for how I look (YES!) but most importantly how it makes me feel inside. That right there is worth every penny and every second I have spent going to the gym.


When you make an investment in a woman like me, you are guaranteed to gain breath taking experiences that will be imprinted in your memories for the rest of your life! No matter where you go or what you do, you will always remember an expaaqq aerience with Melissa Carter. You gain a smart and beautiful young woman who is motivated with the desire to please you beyond measure. Someone that wants to make you happy and make your life more fulfilling in as many ways as possible. A young lady who serves as an escape from the mundane. I am your muse, your confidante, your motivator, your artist, your councillor, your friend, your lover, your arm candy, your addiction, your admirer, your ego booster, your cheerleader, your escape, your travel partner and your therapeutic release. 


There are numerous possibilities I have to offer you my darling!

Note: All rates listed below are in Canadian Dollars for patrons within Ontario. If you wish to see the rates I charge in your area please see the "WORLDWIDE TRAVEL & TOURING RATES" page located just above the calendar.


 The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

I'm exactly what you're looking for! All the perks without the stress, emotional drama or commitment. I add quality and meaning to your life at your convenience. That's what I'm here for! If you'd like to take it a step further and have me as your extra naughty pornstar girlfriend, that can be arranged to! Please indicate what type of experience you are looking for and I'd be happy to cater to you!


Note: Please allow 6 hours minimum for me to get my beauty rest each day for any booking that is 24 hours or longer!





GFE Investment(CAD)


OkI'm meutlgec GFE



  Package Name  

 Package Description

30 Minutes

200 N/A

Gent In A Hurry


Perfect if you have a time sensitive schedule 


45 Minutes

300 N/A

A Little More Time To Spare


30 Minutes is not enough but you don’t have time to stay an hour


1 Hour

 350 400


 A Taste of Heaven


Plenty of time for fun yet still time flies 


90 Minutes

 500 550


Recommended First Time Introduction


If we haven’t met, this is a perfect intro to get to know each other before the fun begins


2 Hours

 650 700


More Than Bliss


When mental stimulation is just as important as the physical


3 Hours

 950 1,000


3 is a Charm


More play time, more cuddling, more conversation, more fun


4 Hours

 1,200 1,300


Dinner & Chocolate


Wine & Dine in public for 2 hours before we head inside for 2 hours of private time enjoying your chocolate dessert. Your place or mine!


6 Hours



Explore Me & The City


Let’s enjoy a fun night/day out exploring the beautiful city of Toronto! Dinner, dancing, shopping or arm candy at a party! Then we head inside for private time. Your place or mine!


10  Hours




 Overnight Dream OR Half Day Excursion 


An opportunity to spend all day or all night with me! Lets have our own slumber party together! Though there will be more fun and less slumber!


 24 Hours

 N/A 4,000


Only A Day Away


When you have me by your side for an entire day, the possibilities are endless!


48 Hours

N/A  7,000


Deux Jours


When one day is just not enough! 


 72 Hours

N/A  9,000


 The Weekend Escape


An entire weekend of play! Head to the cottage, go to parties, explore the city, explore each other, relax and cuddle! So much to do with a beautiful woman by your side all weekend! 


5 Days

N/A Contact Me


 Treasured Pleasure


When you’re greedy and want me all to yourself! I’m all yours from day 1 to day 5!


7 Days

N/A Contact Me


 A Week of Euphoria


Imagine having a model girlfriend all week long! Your friends would be so jealous!



+ 150/hr  


Added To Hourly Rate for COUPLES 


 Please consider that I will be seeing 2 people at the same time. This requires more energy and attention to both of you! Please add this extra fee to each hour booked.



Add To the Rate for Long Distance OUTCALLS

Located far outside the GTA in places such as Hamilton, Waterloo, NiagaraFalls, Barrie, Orilla, Kingston, Windsor, London and Peterborough.



If inviting me over to your hotel or residence is more convenient for you, I charge an extra fee to cover transportation time and costs. This extra cost will depend on how far away you reside. If I have never seen you before, I require the transportation fee to be paid as a deposit before I come to your place. This can be paid by paypal, email transfer or e-gift card quickly and easily. If you are unable to pay this deposit, I cannot arrange to see you. I require a minimum booking of 1 Hour to see you for an outcall. Please do not offer to pick me up to avoid paying the outcall fee because this fee also covers the time I spend traveling to you instead of using that time to book someone else in the comfort of my incall. For example, if I spend 30 minutes traveling to you and 30 minutes back, that's one hour I could have used to book someone. Please have consideration when booking outcalls!



Fly Me To You

If you live on the other side of the country or in another country entirely please either email me or fill out the form on my booking page. I am always passport ready and will be happy to fly to you for a minimum of 6 hours to a maximum of 7 days. To travel to you I need:

  • Minimum 2 weeks notice 
  • A 25% deposit from the total cost of my time with you (The rest must be paid upon my arrival)
  • Another deposit to book my flights, transportstion 
  • 2 references or a photo ID
  • Confirmation via phone conversation

I travel to other parts of Canada outside of Ontario. I am also open to travel to the USA, Europe, Australia and UK. I have different rates for different countries. Please see my "WORLDWIDE TRAVEL & TOURING RATES" link on the left side of this page and just above the calendar to see my rates for your country.  If you’d like me to travel with you on vacation to the Caribbean or South America the rate you pay will be based on the country you are from. 



 Independent  Erotic Massage

I also offer erotic massage services for those who want to take the edge off in a way that is more skin deep than anything else. With 4 years of experience as a massage attendant and 5 years of getting my own professional massages, I've developed an expert set of hands. I have picked up different techniques and adjusted them into my own tantalizingly erotic rhythm. There are different stages of massages to choose from but whichever one you choose I will always ensure you are happy in the end!


Note: Outcalls are an extra 50 or 80 as stated in the Outcalls section above. 1 hour minimum to book an outcall.

Note: It is a lot easier to get away with wearing a mask during an erotic massage session. If you do not wish to wear a mask or wish for me not to wear a mask then please include an extra 50 to your massage session as it is a risk not to! Gfe rates above have also increased due to the risk factor due to COVID-1!





Investment(CAD) Package Details

Standard Nude


30 Minutes


I am fully nude while I give you an erotic massage but you cannot touch.



30 Minutes

45 Minutes

1 Hour




I am fully nude while I give you an erotic massage, you are free to touch me and I slide my oiled body on  your body.


 VIP Massage 

1 Hour

90 Minutes



Same as Bodyslide and includes hot passionate kissing and a sexy shower together.



___________  _____________


Couples Bodyslide

1 Hour 340

 Bodyslide  with your spouse. 


Couples VIP Massage

 1 Hour

90 Minutes



VIP Massage with your spouse. 




Virtual Services


I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you aren’t able to see me in person. Maybe you’re on a business trip, maybe you live in another country or maybe you’re curious about me but not sure if I’d be the right girl for you. Whatever the reason I’m here for you even from a far! 

You won't find a set schedule for my long distance dates because they are easier to set up almost any day of the week if my availability permits. Even if my calen shows a day off, sometimes it wI'll be easy to set up 30 min cam show or phone sex session if I have nothing else to do. Feel free to message me so we can try to coordinate a day and time with as much notice as possible. 

To book, you must establish a day, time and duration with me first. Then you can either etransfer the funds or send an amazon egift card. You can send the etransfer or egift card to the following email: 



Erotic Phone Chat

Do you miss me and yearn to hear my seductive voice in your ear? Unable to leave the house but you can manage a few minutes of alone time in another room? Give me a call and let me turn you on and blow your mind with just the sound of my voice alone! I love phone sex!


 ** This option is only if for some reason you cannot sign up for any of my phone sex lines and you wish to send me either an etransfer or an amazond egift card. 


Time   Investment (CAD)
 15 Minutes   30
 30 Minutes  60
 45 Minutes     90
 60 Minutes   120




Erotic Text Chat (Sexting)

Can‘t talk on the phone? Horny in public? Let‘s text! Or let’s SEXT as they call it! This is a super discreet way to have fun with me! You can sext me on the go or curled up in your bed or in the same room with your wife only a few feet away! You can keep our naughty messages forever or you can delete them if you’re afraid of prying eyes! Let's talk about SEXT baby!


 Time   Investment (CAD) 
 15 Minutes   20
 30 Minutes   30
 45 Minutes   45
 60 Minutes   60
Half Day 120
 All Day Long    180



Please note: You must book an appointment to access a cam or phone session with me. If you wish to have a session during a time/day that I am unavailable and I am able to make myself available for you at my own inconvenience then you must pay a $20 premium!