Fly Me To You





As you know, I am based in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada but I am also available worldwide by appointment! I really enjoy travelling and seeing places I've never seen before or revisiting my favourite locations! You can fly me to you or you can fly me with you on a luxuriously relaxing vacation together! Flight, food, transportation and other accomodations are excluded from my rates and must be paid separately with a 25% deposit to guarantee your travel reservation with me! The other 75% you can discreetly pay in cash once we meet in person (i.e: A gift bag, or envelope tucked between the pages of a book). The rates below also take into account my travel time to your destination. For flights longer than 4 hours, a business class or first class flight is appreciated. 


For now, I accept deposits by etransfer (if possible), Spank Pay, VISA Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Gift Card or Airline Gift Cards. I'm currently working on another method to pay deposits but for now these are my preferences.



Fly Me Within Canada


If you wish for me to travel to you within our great nation, I require a minimum 6 hour booking.


(Rates in CAD)


6 Hours - 2,600 | PSE +350

14 Hours - 4,500 | PSE +600

24 Hours - 6,000 | PSE +800

48 Hours - 8,500 | PSE +1,400

72 Hours - 10,500 | PSE +1,800

1 Week - 16,000 | PSE +2,200


Each additional Hour +400

Each additional Day +2,000







Fly Me to USA /Internationally


If you want to fly this sexy Canadian girl to the USA or somewhere else in the world, the rates below will get me there! 


(Rates in USD)

6 Hours - 3,000 | PSE + 300 (USA ONLY)

14 Hours - 5,000 | PSE +800 (USA ONLY)

24 Hours - 6,500 | PSE +1,000

48 Hours - 9,000 | PSE +1,500

72 Hours - 11,500 | PSE +2,000

1 Week - 18,000 | PSE +2,500



Each additional Hour +500

Each additional Day +2,500



* I also accept Euro's but only at par with the USD rates!