Frequently Asked Questions




Can we talk on the phone?

Although I DO enjoy a nice conversation on the phone, I've unfortunately found that there many out there who enjoy taking advantage of my time on the phone in one way or another. Often times these phone calls do not result in an actual booking and I had spent too much time and energy on one person when there are many others who need my attention more! In my experience, anyone who was truly serious will RSVP on my website or send an email (my preference) or text with a brief introduction and serious inquiries. Those who truly wanted to have long conversations with me on the phone had no problem paying my phone call rates!


Do you offer PSE?

Although I am more of a GFE companion I do now offer PSE (Porn Star Experience) as an add-on to up the naughty factor in our experience together!


What is the difference between your GFE and PSE Sercices?

The following are things I'm comfortable with but of course ymmv (your mileage may vary). Just because I'm comfortable doing them doesn't mean I'm guaranteed to check them off of a checklist as there are a few factors that will determine whether or not any of these things will happen. Factors such as hygiene/grooming, preparation, behaviour, length of time together and chemistry play a huge role in what 2 consenting adults will do behind closed doors. Also for the sake of authenticity I prefer we simply go with the flow. The main difference you should know is that PSE is more open minded than GFE. 



A sensual experience where you get to experience my truest self. No performance, just me as I would be if we were actually dating!



• Cuddling




• Covered FS





Less "vanilla" approach, more high energy, hardcore and more focus on physical pleasure than anything else. Will still have an intimate GFE connection if desired.


• Includes all GFE Services+

• Shower Together

• Hardcore Dirty Talk


• DT

• FF

• GREEK (2hrs+ Only)

• Roleplay

What are your restrictions?

Do NOT ask me for:

• Uncovered/BBFS or BBGREEK (I don't care if you got tested)

• Digits (I have an IUD inserted and don't like fingers or small toys)

• SW (Swallow)

• Rim/dato on YOU 

• Scat/Blood Play


Do I HAVE to provide screening information? Can I skip a step?

I have screening in place for new clients for the purpose of my safety. I require all steps of my screening process to be completed either through my contact page, email or even text. I offer alternative methods of verification for you to choose from. Carelessly mishandling your information isn't worth the risk of ruining the stellar reputation that I've worked hard build! Once you've passed screening and have made me feel comfortable enough after our first encounter, then you never have to go through the screening process with me again and all info you provided will be destroyed.


What will my experience be like with you?

When you and I come together, you can expect to experience passion, warmth and tender affection! I always take care to ensure that you feel welcome, unrushed, valued and very much desired! I want every moment we spend together to unfold naturally and effortlessly where we can form a genuine companionship. After all, our encounters should never feel like a race to the finish line, but a journey that must be savoured every step of the way! I believe that the best chance we have at getting to know each other is to take our sweet time together and get lost in conversation that will make us forget where we are. With me, always be prepared to smile endlessly...


Can you be my reference?

Of course! I would never take it personally that you wish to see another companion. My goal is to ensure that you are happy and thriving. So, if you enjoy seeing a new girl every once in a while I'd never hold that against you. Never allow a companion to make you feel as if you aren't allowed to explore with others. Otherwise what's the point right? Be happy and free! Remember that I will be completely honest about our encounters together when providing a reference. So please be a gentleman so I can have nice things to say about you!


***Please Note: I will give you 2 references per visit. This means if you've booked to see me I'll give you a reference on 2 separate occasions. After that, you must either book me again or kindly ask the other ladies you saw after me to be a reference for you! Nobody likes to feel used! So, please be considerate when asking me to do this sort of favour for you!


I am a particular age, race, weight, religion, etc., will you still see me?

Yes! As long as you are a legal adult over 21 years old, clean, respectful and willfully pass my screening, I will always welcome you with open arms. Everyone deserves to feel an intimate connection with someone and you are no different!


Can I get a discount?

I do not offer discounts upon request and my rates are NOT negotiable. My rates reflect the quality experience I provide as a girlfriend companion. What I do for a living requires a lot of work, and a lot of physical, legal and financial risks. If you feel my prices are too high for you, simply save up the way you would with anything else you dream of obtaining in life. If saving is not your style, then I recommend that you move on to someone within your price range. 


I don't know my schedule, are you available on short notice? 

Unfortunately, I am not a 24/7 companion so I will not be available whenever you wish. I do have a career outside of my companionship services and family and friends that also need my attention. This means I can only make myself available on a set schedule. If you are booking on short notice or on a day/time that is not shown to be available in my schedule then I require a premium charge of +150/hour IF I'm able to make myself available for you. 


Can you send a picture of your face?

No. If a companion posts pictures with her face hidden then there's a 99.9% chance she will never send you a picture of her face. (Even if you swear on your grandma's grave you will delete it right after!) However, for 2.5 Million USD I might be willing to risk it!


Do you take outfit requests?

Yes, absolutely! If I have it then I will wear it for you. I love being able to dress up in something special for you! If I do not have the requested items please send a gift card or etransfer the funds required for me to get them. If this isn't possible then please simply allow me to wear something else that may come close to your request or make another request.


Do you offer duos?

Oh I most definitely do! Being Bisexual allows for me to authentically enjoy the pleasure of other women. There are a handful of companions that I enjoy playing with. Feel free to request a duo with us with plenty of notice because we will have to align 3 sets of schedules to make this work!


Do you see couples? 

Yes! I love sharing intimate time together with two love birds! I enjoy being the spice added to your relationship!


Are your pictures accurate? Is that really you?

YES! My pictures are 100% accurate and up to date. I understand your concern as I may seem too good to be true and there ARE a lot of fakes out there. I watermark all of my pictures with my name to prevent theft. If you are in doubt, feel free to do a Reverse Google Image Search. I have nothing to hide (but my face of course). The results of a Reverse Google Image Search should trace any of my images back to my own content. You should see it trace back to my website, my social media accounts and all my ads. If you see them anywhere else especially under a different name and/or phone number/email or website, then someone has stolen my pics. Wondering who came first? Check the dates my content was posted compared to the other person. Don't know how to do a Reverse Google Image search? Ask Google how!