I take great pride in my appearance, hygiene and grooming for you and of course for my own self respect. I expect you, my dear lover, to hold yourself to a high standard as well. You don't need to be a perfectionist but a gentleman that takes good care of himself is VERY attractive to me! Here are some tips in grooming and etiquette that I highly recommend you take into account when booking an appointment with me.


1. When contacting me please refrain from using vulgar language. I prefer to be approached with class and respect. If this occurs I will terminate contact with you and block you.


2. Please do not ask me to describe details of an encounter with me or to describe details of my body. This counts as phone sex and I do provide a service for that. I have pictures here on my website and all over social media. If this is not enough in understanding what I look like then please request to purchase custom pictures of me or set up a phone sex or cam show appointment. Better yet, you can simply book to see me in person!


3. Showers are mandatory not optional! If you've showered already before arriving to my incall, then you must shower again. I want to kiss freshly showered skin. If you do not smell clean then I will have to send you back to shower again. I TAKE HYGIENE VERY SERIOUSLY! Please shower quickly and thoroughly.


4. Minty fresh breath is key to the start of the most passionate kissing! I supply everything you need including mouth wash, gum, mints etc. I will not be put in the mood for kissing if I can smell what you had for lunch my darling!


5. My time is very valuable to me so please do not waste it! If you take too long in the shower then this will cut into our time together. If you arrive late and I have an appointment after you,  I cannot give you extra time to make up for it. Please be considerate of my time and use it wisely. It is very much appreciated!


6. If you are a new client, please do not fondle and grope me as soon as you enter my room/suite. A hug and kiss on the cheek is fine but it is bad manners to fondle me as a way of greeting when we do not yet know each other. There will be plenty of time for that after the rate has been taken care of and you are freshly showered. I may be a professional companion but I am still a woman!


7. Please have the full amount of the rate in an unsealed envelope ready and placed in plain sight before excusing yourself to go freshen up in the restroom. It is very awkward having to ask for it because it makes it appear as though this is all I care about. Although getting payment IS important to me, I want you to be my priority and main focus. I do not want to have to think about money when I have a handsome gentleman like you right in front of me! So I like it best when we can get this out of the way in the very beginning so we can focus on enjoying each other without having to worry about anything else.


8. Book me as far in advance as possible! The more advance notice you give me the more time slots in my schedule you will have to choose from! Knowing who I'm seeing before I arrive at my incall location helps me better prepare for my day and better prepare for you! You're free to TRY to book me the same day just in case I happen to have an opening for you but that is not guaranteed.


9. Like any other person in the world, I have limits and boundaries. If you are doing something I just can't seem to enjoy or something I do not want to do, please respect my boundaries and stop.  After all, time together is supposed to be fun for the both of us. If I have to tell you NO repeatedly, I will be forced to terminate our date without refund.


10. PLEASE be a gentleman! There is nothing better than a man who treats his lady right!




Do you offer PSE?

Sorry, I prefer to only provide a girlfriend experience. I love making meaningful and intimate connections filled with passion and I just can't get the same feeling of fulfillment through PSE. PSE services are also a lot less safe.


Do I HAVE to provide screening information? Can I skip a step?

I have screening in place for new clients for the purpose of my safety. I require all steps of my screening process to be completed either through my contact page, email or even text. I offer alternative methods of verification if there is information you're unable to provide like references for example.  When you're applying for a job or a loan, you give them all of your personal information and trust that they will keep your information private. When you check into a hotel you give them your photo ID and sometimes allow them to make photocopies because you trust that they are professional and will not disclose your private information. I expect potential sutors to extend the same professional courtesy to me and understand that I will treat your information as if it were my own. My reputation is everything and mishandling your information is not worth ruining my reputation over. Once you have passed screening and have made me comfortable enough in person you never have to go through the screening process with me again!


Can you be my reference?

Of course! Don't be afraid to ask. I would never be mad or take it personally that you wish to see another companion. My ultimate goal is to ensure that you are happy and thriving and if you enjoy seeing a new girl every once in a while I'd never hold that against you. The best part about seeing a professional companion is that you don't have to worry about commitment. Never allow a companion to make you feel as if you aren't allowed to explore other women. Be happy and free my darling! Remember that I will be completely honest about our encounters together when providing a reference so if you were rude, boundary pushing or just less than a gentleman, I'm probably not going to be the best reference for you as I will be honest about these kinds of things. When it comes to safety, professional companions tend to take care of each other.


I am a particular age, race, weight, religion, etc., will you still see me?

I do not operate based on hatred, discrimination or stereotypes. As long as you are a legal adult over 20, clean, respectful and pass my screening, I will always welcome you with open arms. I do not discriminate! Everyone deserves to feel loved and respected. Everyone deserves to feel an intimate connection with someone and you are no different. It doesn't take much for me to feel attracted to the opposite sex when I'm treated right. The look in your eyes is enough!


I promise I'm clean! Can we play 100% unsafe?

In an industry such as this I thought the answer to this question would be obvious. Evidently, I still need to say it. My health and safety is very much a priorty to me. Please do not ask me to put myself in any unnecessary risk or physical danger. We can still have the ultimate fun without getting carried away!


Can I get a discount?

My rates are NOT negotiable. My rates reflect the quality I provide as a girlfriend companion. What I do for a living requires a lot of work, physical risks and investments behind the scenes that you are completely unaware of. It requires a lot of physical and emotional energy and I must give 120% of myself at all times for all of my lovers over and over again. Though I make it LOOK effortless, it's not. I put a lot of thought, time, energy and effort into ensuring you have the woman of your dreams. I go through great lengths to ensure you are happy and well cared for. The rates I set allow me to feel justified that I am getting back what I'm putting in. If you are selling your Ferrari for a price you feel is reasonable for the quality of car it is, you wouldn't feel justified if someone offered to buy it for the price of a Toyota, right? The point I'm making here is if my prices are too high for you, simply save up the way you would with anything else in life or move on to someone more within your price range. I do offer the occasional promotion (ie. Your birthday) but I will not give you a discount upon request.


I don't know my schedule, are you available on short notice? 

Unfortunately, I am not a 24/7 companion so I will not be available whenever you wish. I do have a job outside of my companionship services which means I work a set schedule almost every week. I will only be available on set days unless you book a multi hour date at least a week in advance with a deposit. In this case I don't mind taking work off to spend some quality time with you! If I'm available on a certain day, I do accept same day appointments if my schedule allows for it. I just cannot be be available for you at the last minute because I always need time to prepare for our date.


Can you send a picture of your face?

First things first. If a companion posts pictures with her face hidden then there's a 99.9% chance she will never send you a picture of her face. (Even if you swear on your grandma's  grave you will delete it right after!) Like you, my privacy is very important to me because I do have a personal life and family and friends who do not know that I'm a professional companion. If a picture started circulating with my face in relation to this industry it would most certainly ruin my very lively hood. I understand that you wouldn't send anyone my face pic but I cannot take that chance. I need peace of mind and I'd appreciate if my privacy was respected. If you wish to see my face, please book an appointment to see me in person.


Do you take outfit requests?

YES! Absolutely! If I have it then I will wear it for you. I love being able to wear something for you that I know for certain will turn you on! If I do not have the requested items feel free to get them for me or allow me to wear something else that may come close to your request. 


Do you offer duos?

Oh I most definitely do! Being bisexual allows for me to authentically enjoy pleasure with another woman. There are a handful of companions that I enjoy playing with. Feel free to request a duo with us with plenty of notice because we will have to align 3 sets of schedules to make this work. If you already have a companion in mind, please send me her contact details before booking so I can get better acquainted with her!


Do you see couples? 

Yes! I love intimate time together with 2 love birds! I enjoy being the spice added to your relationship! Whether you are a straight couple, gay, lesbian or bi, I welcome all couples! I do not discriminate!


Are your pictures accurate? Is that really you?

Of course! My pictures are 100% accurate and up to date. I understand your concern as I may seem too good to be true and there ARE a lot of fakes out there. Rest assured that what you see on my website is exactly what you get! I label all of my pictures with my name to prevent theft. If you are in doubt, feel free to do a Google Image Search. I have nothing to hide (but my face of course). The results of a Google Image Search should trace back to my own content. You should see it trace back to my website, my social media accounts and all my ads. If you see them anywhere else especially under a different name then someone has stolen my pics. Wondering who came first? Check the dates my content was posted compared to the other person. Don't know how to do a Google Image search? Ask Google how!