Duos, Trios & Beyond!


I enjoy connecting with you one on one and I can certainly agree that it can be more personal and intimate! However, sometimes you want to have MORE fun in MORE ways! Who doesn't dream of being alone in a room with two, three or MORE gorgeous ladies? This is nearly every mans' fantasy and you know that I just love to fulfill your fantatsies! I have a selection of ladies I thoroughly enjoy spending time with. You can guarantee that we are attracted to each other and are very much fully interactive with each other. We want to have the best possible experience with you!


Please feel free to visit their sites to get to know each of them a bit more before booking a duo or trio. If you're bold enough you may even dare to book us all at once on your first try!


***Please Note: As we must coordinate schedules for 3 or more people (this includes your schedule), it is highly recommended that you try to book as far in advance as possible! We recommend at least one week in advance but will still try to cooridnate with a shorter window of time IF it's possible for us.






 1 Hour   900
 90 Minutes    1,300
 2 Hours  1,700





Time Investment
1 Hour  1,350
90 Minutes  1,950
2 Hours   2,550



* OUTCALLS +50 Minimum per lady!


* +450/lady for each additional hour you book!


* Multi-Hour Dates with multiple ladies are also available for +450/hr for each additional companion added to our little party!


* +150/hr for each lady if we are somehow able to accommodate you should you book at the last minute!





Legendary Ebony Trio


Melissa Carter meets the dynamic Rose Sister Duo! Melissa Rose and Kimberly Rose, two ladies I have a lot of experience enjoying! The 3 of us are Bisexual and fully interative with each other! We have rapidly become quite popular throughout the GTA and now we want to show you why! We want you to delight in a chocolate overload that will surely blow you away!






Melissa Squared!


Our lovely ebony sister Kimberly Rose has caught the travel bug this year and so she's only available once in a while as a rare treat! If she isn't in the city, then you are welcome to experience Melissa x2! Double your pleasure and double your fun with Melissa Carter and Melissa Rose! 2 chocolate Goddesses that will melt in your mouth like M&M's! We are also available for dinner dates, overnights and travel together!







*** Meet The Rose Sisters! ***




Kimberly Rose



Website: https://www.datekimberlyrose.com/

Twitter: @KimberlyRoseTO




Melissa Rose



Website: https://www.meetmelissarose.com/





  Meet More Fabulous Duo Partners!


Duos are the best when the ladies already know each other! Here are some of my other favourite ladies I truly adore taking pleasure in!





Megan Kelly



 Exclusive companion! No website or social media!




Gabriella Gonzales



Website: https://www.meetgabriella.com/

Twitter: @MissGabriellaG




Mistress Mystique



Website: https://imeetmystique.com/mystique/

Twitter: @iWantMystique




Duo Wishlist


I've had my eye on these ladies for a while! You could even say I have the HOTS for them! Some I have met in person before and some I have not. Either way I would love if you booked us together for the first time ever!



Courtney Powers 




Twitter: @Courtney_5295





 Valentine Vina



Website: https://valentinevinatoron.wixsite.com/valentine-vina

Twitter: @valentine_vina_






East Indian Latika



Website: https://www.eastindianlatika.com/

Twitter: @EastLatika