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Cancelation Policy

I understand that life happens and sometimes a cancelation is unavoidable. However please bare in mind that I invest time mentally and physically preparing myself and my incall for your appointment. It is also a time slot that I could have used because I may have turned down other appointments for you that I can't get back. I also must consider that there's a 50/50 chance of filling that spot in again. Please understand that my time is extremely valuable and lost time can never be returned. For that reason I do have a few policies in place to protect myself and my time and still be reasonable and fair. 


1. If you cancel your 90min or less appointment with 24 hours notice or more, I will allow another opportunity to be able to book me again without penalty. Should you cancel again I will require a $50 cancelation fee. If the cancelation fee is not paid then you will not be able to book with me again in the future. If it is paid then you will be able to book me again only if a $50 deposit is paid towards your booking to guarantee that your booking is legitamate. If you cancel a 3rd time no matter how much notice, your deposit is not refundable and you will be banned from booking me again in the future. If you cancel a booking that is 2 hours or longer with 24 hours notice, I will require a $100 cancelation fee and the above rules apply.


2. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice,  you will not be able to book me again without a $50 deposit towards your next booking. Should you cancel again, your $50 deposit will act as a cancelation fee and will not be refunded. As a result, you will not be able to book with me again.


3. As for last minute cancelations (3 hours or less), you must pay a $100 cancelation fee if you wish to book me again in the future. Should you fail to pay for cancelation, you will not be allowed to book with me again.


4. Should you choose not to show up or at least call to cancel your appointment then you will not be able to book with me again and you will be immediately blocked from all future contact.


5. If you book me for 2 hours or longer and I had to turn down a much longer booking to honour your appointment but then you end up cancelling, I will require a 25% cancelation fee if you cancelled in 48 hours or more. A 50% cancellation fee applies if you cancelled in less than 48 hours. In the past, I have turned down a one week Fly Me To You trip for a one night sleepover that ended up cancelling on me anyway. Whether I turn down a trip for a sleep over or a 6 hour date for a 2 hour date, if you cancel then who really loses in the end? ME! I do not wish to be forced to lose anymore so I have implemented this new policy.



Cancelation Policy on Tour


Cancelling while I'm hosting locally vs cancelling while I'm on tour are 2 different things! If I'm in Toronto or around the GTA I do not have to make a large investment to host and if you cancel then it is likely for one of my regulars to fill your spot. If you cancel while I'm in a foreign city this is a big deal as I am booking my tour off the strength of YOU! I make a large investment to cover flights, hotels, transportation, food and extra advertising. Not to mention the vigorous screening process I must go through for my safety and may not have the time to go through this process again to fill in your spot. I fly out of my comfort zone of home so that I may travel thousands of kilometers away to cater to you. So I take cancellations that happen right BEFORE and DURING my tours very seriously! If you do not pay the cancelation fee, I must add you to an online blacklist to warn other companions and providers to be cautious when booking you.


1. If you cancel with more than 1 week notice, I do not charge a cancellation fee and I do not keep your deposit. I will return it to you or you can use it to buy my virtual services or I can hold it for the next time you wish to book.


2. If you cancel 72 hours up to less than 1 week before my tour, I only return 50% of the deposit. The next time you book I will require you pay a 50% deposit instead of a 25% deposit which will not be refundable the second time around.


3. If you cancel with less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours notice before my tour, your deposit is not refundable and I require you to pay the difference for a 50% cancellation fee otherwise you will NOT be able to book me again in the future! The next time you book I will require you pay a 50% deposit instead of a 25% deposit which will not be refundable the second time around.


4. Last minute cancellations less than 24 hours before my tour, your deposit is not refundable and I will require you to pay the difference for a 75% cancellation fee. If you pay it you may book me again but you must pay a 50% deposit next time which will not be refundable the second time around.


Get In Touch

If you have made it this far into my website then I thank you for your interest! Being on this page shows that you are here for more than just my pictures and it truly says a lot about you! You aren't here for a cheap thrill. You want it all! You want the real deal and I'm happy to tell you that you are so close to living your fantasy! 


I take screening very seriously and it is in place for my safety. I am a discrete and private companion and treat your personal information with the utmost care. As if it were my own personal information. I'm highly professional and will not under any circumstances sell, release or abuse your information in any way shape or form. That is my policy! I would not want anyone to release my private information so why would I do it to anyone else? I’m sure all we want out of this is to enjoy each other’s company instead of dealing with this sort of headache! I would never do anything to jeopardize my business or our budding friendship. I assure you that misusing your information is not worth hurting my hard earned and glowing reputation. If you can trust me with your info then naturally I can trust you with my safety. I believe that is a fair trade because although working in this industry can be fun, it can also be very dangerous for if I'm not careful.



 My Screening Methods


There are 6 ways to verify that you are safe for me to see. You can choose 1 of the following methods but it's recommended that you choose 2 or more if your one selected method of screening is not enough and you need to strengthen your application.. You may need to choose a second method to back it up!



1. Review Board Handle (Username) + 1 Provider Reference

If you are active on a review board you may provide me with your board handle (username) and a reference from 1 companion you've seen in the last 6 months. (Please be sure to inform them that they are being used as a reference.) If you have written a positive review about the provider to which she positively responds, then this will serve as your reference and I will send her an email with a link to her review so she can confirm.


2. Two (2) Provider References

Please provide the name and contact information of 2 companions you've seen in the past 6 months. She must be a verified escort meaning she must have either a social media account OR a website OR if she has none of the above she must have links to her ads dating back at least 6 months and displays her contact information that you provided . (Please be sure to inform them that they are being used as a reference.) If you have seen them many times before but its been more than 6 months and she still vividly remembers you then that is still acceptable.


3. Personal Social Media Link

You can prove that you are who you say you are by providing a link to your personal social media account (ie. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram). The account CANNOT be private, there MUST be some pictures showing your face and you MUST be able to confirm it is your account by replying when I send you a DM. The social media account cannot be a discreet "burner account" as this does not prove anything about you. If you haven't posted anything in months and you are inactive it will be much harder to get verified and you may need to select anither verification method to back it up. Don't use the social media method if you're not an active user.  


4. Verification Site ID

Websites like P411, Date Check and others like it make things easy by verifying you for me! Send me the ID number and username so I can confirm you quickly and easily!


5. Picture of Photo ID

If there is just no other way to verify you, you can always email me a picture of your photo ID. You can hide your address but I still need to see your picture, name and date of birth. 


6. Pay a Small Deposit

I may ask for a small deposit ranging from $20 - $100 depending on the length of the appointment. I ask for a small amount to show you that I'm not trying to steal your money (seriously why would I steal a measly $20??) but this method of screening not only proves to me that you are serious about seeing me but it also verifies your legal name from your bank. Basically you are paying a small deposit to show a sign of good faith and that you don't mean me harm. Please send any and all deposits to goi.payments1@gmail.com 




Any information you provide will be deleted after our inital rendezvous. I have no reason to keep your information. I simply need to feel safe before meeting you for the first time.


Please fill out the form below. All fields are mandatory however, if you've provided a phone number then providing an email is optional. In addition you can feel free to contact me before filling out my screening form if you have any questions I have not covered or would like me to elaborate anything on my website.


Thank you for booking with me! I just know we’ll have a great time!




 Text Preferred: 647-806-6511


Email: melissacarter.gfe@gmail.com