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If you have made it this far into my website then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest! Being on this page shows that you are here for more than just my pictures and it truly says a lot about you! You aren't here for a cheap thrill. You want an expensive thrill! You want the experiences in life worth having, sharing and remembering! I'm happy to tell you that you are so close to living your fantasy! 


Please be advised that I take screening very seriously and it is in place strictly for my safety. I screen ALL new gents, I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. My saftey is my number 1 priority before all else. I cannot make you happy if I have a "what if" constantly floating in the back of my mind.


Rest assured that I am a discreet and private companion and I treat your personal information with the utmost care. All information submitted is guaranteed to be kept private and confidential. I am highly professional and will not under any circumstances sell, release or abuse your information in any way shape or form. That is my policy! I assure you that misusing your information is not worth hurting my hard earned and glowing reputation. If you can trust me with your real world info, then naturally I can trust being alone with you (a stranger) without worrying for my safety. I believe this is a fair trade because although working in this industry can be fun, it can also be very dangerous with the potential to be fatal for a girl like me if I'm not careful. 


Any information you provide will be deleted immediately after our inital encounter. I have no reason to keep your information. I simply need to feel safe before meeting you for the very first time. That's all. If it makes you feel better, I will gladly delete your information before your eyes right before you leave!


Please fill out the form below. All fields are mandatory. In addition, you can feel free to contact me before filling out my screening form if you have any questions I have not covered or if you would like me to elaborate anything on my website.


Thank you for booking with me! I know we’ll be having the time of our lives before we know it!




Please read about the proper etiquitte that you must know in order to book me and have the best possible time with me! I list a few simple things that a woman appreciates in a gentleman. Read Etiquitte






I will send you a text from my phone number should you pass screening and you do not mind receiving texts. Once we have successfully finished our first date, you may text me in the future for faster correspondence when making a new reservation. 


Send deposit via etransfer or Amazon gift card: 


Send deposit via PayPal: 


***Please Note: If you need to be discreet and cannot pay a deposit online, you are welcome to buy a physical gift card (Amazon gift card or VISA gift card) from any store that sells gift cards (i.e: shoppers drug mart, walmart, etc). Take a picture of the code on the back of the card and send it to my email Once I've confirmed that I've accepted and/or redeemed the gift card, you are free to get rid of the evidence. Please be advised that if you choose this method, you weaken your application and it may take llonger to get a booking or you may be declined. If you wish to pay the deposit this way then it's highly recommended that you include references. 


If for whatever reason you absolutely aren't able to verify yourself using one of the other methods, your last resort option would be to book a hotel for the encounter, pay a deposit by gift card and provide me with your first and last name. I will call the hotel where they will ask me to confirm your room and name to be transfered to you. Once we speak on the phone and you confirm our booking, I will notify a trusted friend of the room and location that our call will take place and share my phone location with them to that I can be tracked. Once I arrive, I will give them a call to confirm that I am in the room with you. We will enjoy each others company for the alotted time and then my trusted friend will call 10 minutes before we finish to check that I'm okay. I will also contact them again to confirm that I've left. Should anything go wrong on your part, I can feel at ease knowing that the hotel has your personal information and security footage of you. This method requires more work for us both but is the only other option should you wish to forgo traditional screening methiods. (The form must still be completed where applicable.)



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