Who doesn't love a good promotion? I know I do! I also love to give back to those who are deserving! I enjoying rewarding you for your loyalty, dedication, love and support! I want to show you I appreciate you in more ways than giving you the time of your life! 


Please bare in mind that I cannot give you a promotion for nothing. You must meet the promotion requirements! One promo cannot be combined with another unless otherwise stated. 




It's your birthday! I'm glad you chose me to celebrate with you! This promotion is valid on your birthday or within 7 days before or after your special day! Must show a valid ID! Your birthday includes a special surprise, a small gift as well as ONE of the following 2 options:


1. $20 off for 30 and 45 min sessions OR $50 off 1 - 2 hour sessions OR $80 off sessions 3hrs or more 


2. Complimentary extra 15 minutes for 30 and 45 minute sessions OR complimentary extra 30 minutes for sessions 1 - 2 hours OR Complimentary extra 1 hour for sessions 3 hours or more. 




You see me consistently and I appreciate that so much! Thank you! 

If you see me consistently 4 times within a month then on your 5th visit receive $40 off any session less than 2 hours OR $80 off for sessions more than 2 hours! You must text Or email me to sign up for this promotion! This is not automatic when you book me!