What's New in the New Year?

3rd Mar 2019

Well it is officially the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the 3rd year that I have been back as a Toronto VIP Companion! So far I've gone through 3 snowstorms, went to Canada's capital city twice, had not one but TWO foursomes and discovered a brand new PRIVATE incall location right here in Toronto! Life is good right now. Especially considering that I'm planning quite a few trips this year around Canada and beyond! I'm so excited to reveal all that I have in store for you!


We've had one hell of a winter here in southern Ontairo. 2 days of out of season "decent" weather followed by 2 days of constant snow fall and biting cold seemed to be the norm this winter season. Winter gives me a break from the warm weather shenanigans. Now that I have to bundle up and hide my body to stay warm, I've noticed a drastic reduction in traffic jams, cat calls, double takes and unfortunate souls walking into poles. Oh how I miss the days when I could wear a sundress with no panties... but just think about it. The first day of spring is only 3 weeks away. Can you believe it? We're almost in the clear! Heading straight into "mating season" when the general population comes out of hibernation and jumping straight into each others beds. For now I'm content with jumping straight onto my vibrator, fresh pack of batteries and all!


Some of the hottest and sexiest thoughts I will be thinking about when I use my vibrator tonight is the foursome I had with the Dynamic Rose Duo (Melissa Rose & Kimberly Rose). It was set up by a wonderful gent I like to call Special K who is my very first knight in shining armour! (That's a story for another time!) My heart rate has begun to pick up pace as the images flash in my mind. Kims incredibley long, slim and toned legs tangled with mine, Mel R's body quivering with delight as she sits on my face. The taste of their juices as I sample their sweet flowers one after the other just to have them both devour me in return. There were 3 of us and only one of him and not enough hands to fondle us all at once! Yet we managed. We all managed just fine as we elicited wave after wave of wet explosions from one another. What a dream come true... and if that wasn't enough we were all called back for round two by Special K once again. Wonderful! It looks like I'm not the only one left wanting more! Oh and more we certainly had! This time there was not one inch of skin left untouched or untasted. 


At the end of it all we all looked at each other in bewilderment and all seeming to form the same idea at the same time. We must share this experience with others! Lets spread joy and pleasure across the GTA in more ways than one! As we parted ways with kisses I was sure to  keep in touch with the lovely Adriana Chambres as I had just shot a photoshoot with her the week before. I hadn't had a professional photoshoot done since I went blonde back in November! I was very anxious! I wanted to properly display my new look and properly portay myself as the VIP Companion that I am. They say, "Pictures say a thousand words!" and so I took a few in order to tell you a little bit more about myself without having to say a word. With the new pictures I felt my website deserved a fresh start as well. A little tweaking and editing, background changes and rearranging but much of the content remains the same. You will notice that I now have a DUO/TRIO page. On this page I will include all the lovely ladies I enjoy sharing my lovers with! The list will continue to grow as I continue to explore the beautiful Toronto  SW community we have here! 


I'm so glad to be sharing all of these changes with you and I'm looking forward to making new memories and experiences with you throughout the year! Be on the look out for more changes coming very soon!