The Pleasure is Mine (Erotic Story Ch. 1)

6th Mar 2020


I entered the business class section of the plane in search of my seat. I was surprised to see this section so full for just a flight that was just under 2 hours. I stowed my carry on bag away and made myself comfortable in my seat. I sat in silence as my mind went over the 2 meetings I had today and the one I still had to attend in Toronto where I was headed to from Chicago. I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about work. I can admit that it slowly took over my life. After my first wife passed away I engulfed myself into work as if nothing else mattered in the world. I got married again a few years later after I had attained a certain level of wealth and success. That stuff was great and all but I stayed humble. My wife, now soon to be ex wife has a different way of seeing things. Four years later we grew apart and now she wants a divorce and wouldn’t you know it, she wants half. Go figure.


I sighed as I loosened my tie and looked out the window. My mind only consisted of two elements in a continuous cycle; something negative and then work. That’s all I seemed to know these days. I wondered if I’d be able to pull away long enough to go on a vacation. God knows it’s been quite a few years since the last one.


The plane was filling up as it was almost time for take off. Then between one moment and the next I noticed a flash of pink in the corner of my eye. I didn’t think much of it until moments later I saw that the pink belonged on a sundress, worn by a gorgeous bronze skinned goddess. I had no other words to describe her. She was tall, curvy and beautiful. My mouth suddenly went dry. Who is that? I watched as she made her way to the seat right beside mine and got herself settled in it. I tried not to stare but it was extremely hard not to. Her dress showed a generous amount of cleavage and she crossed her legs flashing her long toned legs beneath them. Her sexy plump lips were formed into a smile as her manicured hands texted away into her phone.


I shook my head and looked away as the flight attendants came to do their routine safety demonstration. I must be way in over my head. I must be crazy to think that some hot twenty something year old chocolate goddess would get with a guy like me going through a midlife crisis. She was probably texting her boyfriend right now not a care in the world or a mortgage to pay. Oh to be her age again.


After the plane had taken off, my mind kept drifting back to her. It was the first time I hadn’t thought about work in ages. I ordered a couple glasses of rum on the rocks to help me relax. It seemed to amplify my thoughts instead. Shit… I pulled my tie off my neck entirely and loosened a couple of buttons. It was suddenly getting hot in here. I glanced at her again in time to see her remove her sunglasses and place them snuggly between her breasts. I envied those sunglasses. Lost in my thoughts, I almost didn’t notice when she finally caught me staring. My breath caught in my throat as I froze. Her lips, high cheekbones and a set of smouldering deep brown eyes caught me off guard now that I had a better look at her features. This girl was stunning. She must be a model. Damn… now I really have no chance. Not that I thought I had one to begin with.


Her reaction was not one that I expected. She noticed the drink in my hand and looked back up at me with a sweet smile on her face that revealed a little dimple on her right cheek. “Cheers!” She said, lifting her glass of white wine towards me. I lifted my glass and returned the smile. I watched as her luscious lips cupped the rim of the glass as he took a sip. She licked a stray drop from her lips and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up and went to the washroom. Where it was safe. Unfortunately the intoxicated thoughts I was having, also followed me there.


I gripped the side of the sink as I looked at myself in the mirror. “You are going to go to this final meeting, send those emails, schedule another meeting and then just relax with some Netflix in your hotel room.” I said aloud to my reflection. “That’s all you need to focus on right now!” Splashing my face with some cold water, I let out a breath and walked back to my seat coolly as if there wasn’t an internal battle raging within me. I took another sip of rum and enjoyed the burn on the way down my throat. I closed my eyes and partially dozed off.


Suddenly I heard a sneeze beside me and I turned to see the young woman with her arm covering her face and her hair spilled forward. She recovered herself and shivered a bit. I couldn’t help but notice the tiny goosebumps now on her skin and her nipples now poking through her dress. An indicator that it must have gotten a bit chilly in here but I wouldn’t notice it with the heat of the alcohol coursing through my veins.


She stood up and reached for her carry on bag above her and in doing so turned the sweetest, roundest behind towards me in full view. Her full hips were hard to miss even if I tried. I had to almost fight not to reach out and grab it as if my hand was suddenly possessed. Jesus Christ, someone sent the devil herself in all her temptation to sit beside me today! The mystery woman pulled out a soft white cardigan and wrapped it around her shoulders. She didn’t close it to hide her now perky nipples and I really didn’t mind. Until she caught me staring again that is. I must be asking for trouble. Yet for some reason she smiled that killer smile at me again.


“Hi, do I know you from somewhere?” She asked. Her smooth voice wrapped around me like velvet.


“I can’t say that you do. Believe me I would remember if we met.” I told her. Smooth. I hope she doesn’t think I’m an idiot. She giggled. Again, not the reaction I was expecting.


“What’s your name?” She asked me with a twinkle in her eye.


“My name is Kyle.” I told her. She tapped her index finger to her chin as if thinking about it.


“Hmm, I know a lot of people but I definitely don’t know a Kyle.” She said as she crossed her legs again. My eyes were drawn to the movement and she didn’t seem to mind.


“Who are you? I mean, what... what’s your name?” I stumbled.


“You can call me Melissa.” She said reaching her hand out. I shook it and marvelled at how soft her skin was. I held her hand probably longer than I should have. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Kyle!” I loved how my name sounded on that pretty mouth.


“You as well Melissa. Have you been to Toronto before?” I asked her as I glanced at my watch when I felt the plane dip lower in the air. It was about to land.


“Actually, I live here! I’m returning from a lovely short trip.” She beamed at me as she ran her fingers through her long dark hair. “What about you? Is this your first visit?” She seemed genuinely interested in me. Or it could all be a made up fantasy in in my head where I hoped she was interested in me. I still enjoyed that we were even having a conversation at all. Something outside of my regular boring routine for once.


“Definitely not my first or even my fifth but sadly I’ve never had the opportunity to really explore the city.” I confessed. She pouted her bottom lip and it made her look really cute for a moment.


“Awww! Poor thing! Let me guess, you're always working?” She cooed.


“Bingo!” I said. "How did you know?"  Her smile never wavered as she pointed to my suit and my tie in my lap.


"Nobody intentionally decides to board a plane in a suit and tie. It's usually someone who doesn't have time to change into something more comfortable." She explained. Wow, pretty and smart! Attentive to! What a facsinating young woman.

“Well you're right about that one." I said stuffing my tie in my pants pocket. "Whenever I come visit Toronto, I’ve got no time and I’m always here alone anyway, so I never really made it a point to go exploring.” We were silent for a moment as the plane landed. I instantly took my phone off airplane mode and waited for all the missed texts, emails and calls to flood in.


“That’s a shame! There’s so much to see and do!” She looked at me sympathetically. “Well…” She said pulling out her phone. “Do you have Airdrop?” She asked. I nodded but I was puzzled. Was she going to send me a list of things to do? My phone made a sound indicating something had been sent to me. “If you need help relaxing or want a special tour guide you can give me a call!” She winked and smiled as she unbuckled her seatbelt and collected her things. I opened the image she sent. It looked almost like a virtual business card. It said:




Below that were her website and contact details. Wait... so you mean I just scored her number? This long crappy day was suddenly transformed into the luckiest day of my life! I stared at the screen in a complete daze but by the time I looked back up she was gone. I looked down at the screen again. I was definitely going to be looking her up the second I get to my hotel room.