Miss Mary Jane is Legal

23rd Oct 2018

So we finally did it. On October 17, 2018 Canada finally legalized a plant that has been illegal for 1% of it’s existence! Some people are cheering and jumping for joy. Others are fearing for their lives as if this were the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The legalization of marijuana is about to change everything! Tourism and our economy will certainly increase and so will the amount of happy people. 


Remember that just a week ago weed was considered a dangerous drug to many. When I was younger I thought the same thing through no fault of my own. It is what we were all taught by our parents and schools. They put weed on the same level as cocaine. If you got caught with it by law enforcement you were charged and/or put in jail. If you smoked and sold it you were considered a lowlife. So why are they now legalizing something that they considered so bad? After all, cannibis is said to have all of the following benefits:

  • Increase appetite 
  • Suppress nausea
  • Reduce seizures for those with epilepsy 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Reduce the risk of cancer 
  • Treat chronic pain
  • Increase Creativity
  • Improve mood
  • Increase sex drive 
  • Increase Motivation

After watching a couple of documentaries and doing my own research, one topic continuously came up again and again. It had said that one of the main reasons marijuana was illegal was because a strain of cannabis sativa with less than 1% THC (the chemical compound that makes you high) also known as hemp threatens the corporations billion dollar industries. Hemp has about 50 thousand uses such as making paper, clothes, industrial equipment, hempcrete (concrete made from hemp), hemp fuel (does not harm the environment), oil, food and that’s just to name a few without going into specifics. This means that aside from food and water, hemp is one of the most valuable natural resources on the planet. However major corporations like the oil, cottonand fossil fuel industries would lose millions if not billions. So governments used propaganda to group the two different strains of cannabis together and portray it as a drug that was dangerous and harmful to all. Soon enough the general population wanted nothing to do with cannabis. 


I was certainly one of those people who fell for the propaganda. I used to be highly against cannabis. I always said if the last man on earth smoked weed and I was the last woman on earth, the human race would be doomed. I didn’t try it until I was 19 years old. I was infuriated to find out that one day a girl friend had tried it and enjoyed it. I watched how her shoulders loosened, her mood lightened and her stress left her body. She looked and felt good and it made me curious to know how it felt. It took a while but I finally built the nerve to try it. When I did I had the most euphoric sensation from head to toe. I was so happy I couldn’t stop laughing! I felt warm and fuzzy and light as air and boy did I ever want to eat! That was it. I didn’t die, I didn’t start shaking with an addiction for it, I didn’t start acting crazy, I didn’t see mermaids and unicorns, I didn’t kill anyone, my head didn’t explode, I didn’t feel angry or destructive. I just felt really really happy. That was it. 


I was confused. Nothing bad happened, my mental and physical health did not deteriorate. So why was it illegal? Well I didn’t know then what I know now. 


When I was about 21, I began smoking regularly everyday multiple times a day. Now at the age of 25, it is only an occasional indulgence like a glass of red wine. So now that marijuana is no longer recognized as a drug I would like to let you know that I am indeed 420 friendly but will only indulge in moderation so I can stay sharp and alert. If I am hosting in a location with a balcony you can indulge as much as you want and I won’t be bothered by it. I just won’t be doing it heavily. This announcement is also for those that may feel nervous that they may smell of marijuana. Rest assured that with me you do not need to worry or feel paranoid.


For those who do not smoke at all, you never have to worry that myself or my incall location will smell of marijuana upon your arrival. I always ensure that I am always fresh and clean and that my place is clean and pleasantly scented. 


I hope I piqued your curiosity enough for you to do your own research on this topic and draw your own conclusions. You may be surprised what you discover about Miss Mary Jane.