Melissa's Bedroom Music

18th Sep 2018

There aren't many people who do not like music. Everyone enjoys some variation of music whether it's country music or Latin music. The sounds of vocals... instrumentals with melodies, harmonies, beats, rhythms... it moves us somehow. I have a theory that it is partially because humans are 70% water and vibrations from the music makes us feel good! Now this is just an educated guess. I could be absolutely right or I could be way off the mark. Of course because we are living in the age of information and technology a simple google search may answer that question, but I digress.


Being someone who has an appreciation for a variety of different genres, I can understand why some people like some music and others do not. Throughout my life I've  gone through many phases in terms of music. As a young child I really enjoyed country music. In high school I listened to a lot of different kinds of rock bands, and classical music that would have me shedding tears during a sorrowful violin solo. Then I became fixated on dancehall reggae. I've always loved soul and RnB music as well.


What do I listen to now? Almost everything except for country music (perhaps I grew out of it in a way). However, I predominately listen to a lot of RnB, Hip Hop, Latin Music, Pop and Dance Music. In that order. RnB music really speaks to me on a personal level. It could either be sad, love or sexual. Either way it's all about powerful emotion. It makes me feel a raw naked truth within me. It stirrs and then awakens something within me. Hearing just the right song will get me wet (I once had an orgasm while running on the treadmill but that's a story for another blog post). Hearing the right playlist will put me in an erotic mood almost like a trance. Well... maybe it is a trance! 


The lyrics are like sweet and hot whispers along my skin. The instrumentals a hot hot heat from deep within my core. And the marriage of the two is like ecstasy for your ears. For your body. For your mind. Read my playlist out loud in the attached picture. It's as if it tells a story. I do love a good story!


When im in my car I like to play rap music. Here's an interesting fact. Rap/HipHop music has now officially surpassed rock and pop music as the most dominant genre. I once saw a gent in the parking lot who was a Caucasian man in his mid to late 40s. He honestly looked like any average joe. Then he walked up to his Mercedes turned on the car and his speakers were booming with the sounds of the latest hip hop song as he pulled out of the parking lot. It seems as though everyone is listening to it. However not all rap music is created equal. There is some that I refuse to listen to and others I really enjoy. I love the ones that are truly poetic. Poetic justice. I enjoy the deep reverberating sounds of drums. It moves me. It is a form of expression. 


I remember being truly taken aback when a gentleman and I had a discussion about music. He said, "I really enjoy listening to music and I mean REAL music not that hip hop garbage people play now." Wow. One of my favourite genres bashed. I later thought about why something I perceived to be so great was so awful to someone else. My conclusion was that it takes a certain kind of person to relate to a certain kind of music. It takes a certain person to understand it and it takes another kind of person entirely to completely dislike it. There is no "bad" music because different Music moves different people in different ways. I'm not as large a rock fan as I used to be but I can certainly understand and appreciate the love for it. I learned not to judge people based on their taste in music. Music is about expression and you can't judge someone for expressing themselves. What some else likes to listen to may have a much deeper meaning that you're just not able to understand and that's ok!


With that being said, I like to play sexy RnB music in the bedroom. It makes my pulse race and my body dance. It turns me on! My favourites now are The Weeknd, dvsn,  and usher. If you truly don't like my music I won't hold it against you. You can feel free to play your own or no music at all if you prefer! I understand that the music I like isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea and that is ok! Now if you DO enjoy it then sit back and enjoy the sweet serenades as I show you magic!