How COVID-19 has changed my retirement plans!

13th Oct 2020


Well lets start by saying WOW WHAT A FUCKING YEAR 2020 HAS BEEN!! Please excuse my unlady like language! As you can imagine, things have changed drastically for me as I'm sure they have for you! At the end of 2019, we all made our so called New Years Resolutions, we made plans and investments and predictions for the year to come. We came into this year with the positive attitude to conquer any obstacle that landed in our path to having a great and successful year. As soon as the count down ball dropped and hit 0, all of our problems began. To put it simply, the entire world got flipped upside down on its ass and many casualties suffered as a result. People lost their jobs, their opportunities, their investments, their properties, a solid education, social freedom, friendships and relationshipa struggled, and far too many people lost their very lives! 


Never in my life time did I ever think I would live to see a global pandemic. In my mind that was just something for the history text books. When the virus first came about, everyone treated it as if it would go away the way SARS and H1N1 did. Countries around the world didn't take it seriously enough and didn't act fast enough. Boarders were still open, people were still flying around the world and others were laughed at for playing it safe and wearing a mask. From November 17 when the first case was supposedly reported, to early in March, it took over 4 months to be declared a global pandemic by WHO and we all got confined to our homes. Even then people still weren't taking it seriously. They threw secret parties, travelled carelessly and kept close contact with far too many people. Although we were in quarantine the cases still continued to rise. The death toll continued to rise.


The entire world shut down, stood still and held its breath. We are in a contant state of "What Now?" because we can't really make solid plans anymore without fear of shutting down or worse yet, the fear of catching the virus. Many Sex Workers who offered in person services had to close up shop so to speak, and move their services online. Some stopped working all together. I was shut down for about 4 months relying soley on my civi job as an essential worker and I offered my virtual services when I could. Even though the government gave us an increase in our wages, it still wasn't enough to survive on my own comfortably. So I watched as my once cushy savings account took a huge hit! I'm extremely thankful that I save much of what I earn and even had a savings to fall back on at all! I don't spend off my money and blow it just because I've earned more than the average person. I always knew saving it would be wiser. I do get to enjoy my earnings by treating myself once in a while but I try to be smart about my money and thank god I've done just that! Unfortunately the civi job became far too challenging with new and constantly changing rules as well as enduring the discomfort of wearing a mask, goggles, and gloves nearly 8 hours a day. I had to quit as it had become too mentally and physically exhausting. I've now become a full time companion again as that is much more joyful but I'm still on the look out for a civi job that won't be as difficult as my last one.


Ever since we opened back up, I've been steadily getting back to where I was before financially. I have been taking the necessary precautions by limiting the nunber of lovers I see each week and each day that I work. I host incalls only once or twice a week and I work  at Pure Pleasure Spa about the same number of days. The spa I work at also allowed me to fill in a manager position once a week so I have less interaction with clients while still earning a wage. I screen all my visitors for COVID, I super clean and sanitize more so than ever.  Over these past few months, I have been very cautious about health and safety and also focused on my goals. Goals which had drastically changed over this past year.


Instead of semi retiring by the end of this year, I now plan to continue to work longer. April 2, 2021 I plan to increase my rates and continue hosting all through the spring and summer. September 15, 2021 I will be semi retired and only made available for a select few that I'd like to call my "White Knights" as I explained in a previous blog post. If everything goes according to my current plans, I should be fully and officially retired by the end of 2021. Of course, as I mentioned at the very beginning of this entry, it's extremely difficult to make any solid plans when the world is so full of uncertainty. 


So it looks like for now, Melissa Carter is here to stay at least for 1 more year! I thank you all so very much for your continued love and support! You have no idea how much this truly means to me! Thank you to everyone who has been there rooting for me every step of the way. I'm grateful to have shared so many incredible experiences to remember forever!