Goodbye Summer!

16th Sep 2019

Summer 2019 is definitely one I will remember forever! For starters the hot summer weather started late and ended early! The cool breeze coming from my open window is making my nipples hard as we speak! I wish my nipples were hard for another reason but let's not stray from the topic at hand. One of the biggest moments of the summer was June 14 when the Toronto Raptors won the NBA championships for the first time in Raptors history! The city was an absolute ZOO! Everyone went wild and it brought everyone together in the most beautiful way. It didn't matter what ethnic group or religion you came from, everyone celebrated the tremendous victory together. I myself went downtown and danced on top of cars, singing and screaming until I lost my voice! It truly set the tone for the rest of the summer! June 17 we had the victory parade where literally half the city attended (over 2 million people). June 17 has also been dubbed "We The North Day" where we can remember this victory forever and celebrate being Canadian, and Torontonian just 2 weeks before Canada Day!


July was nice and hot just the way I like it! I'm a tropical goddess so the  heat calls to me. Iwore the prettiest dresses and the shortest shorts showing off my long legs every chance I got! Trios with the Rose Sisters really took off and became increasingly popular! More so than any of us ever imagined! I love playing with those girls! They're absolutely stunning, warm, sweet and every bit as bisexual as I am making our experience with you all the better! (See duo/trio page) I loved getting to know them even more inside and out. I have a feeling that although summer is ending, our fun together is only just beginning!


Once July ended bringing us to the middle of summer, I took part in Caribana on the first weekend of August. This is North America's largest Caribbean Festival! I got the BEST tan that day and my tan lines are still visible as a result. I wore the tiniest clothes, danced to the fast and sexual Caribbean music and ate spicy and delicious Caribbean food! It was a beautiful day to celebrate my culture and I danced in the parade until it was time to pack up. I mesmerized the crowds by twerking and shaking my booty! What a blast I had!


Literally the week after that, I took Kimberly Rose with me on a short but sweet tour in Alberta where we visited both Edmonton and Calgary. The boys out west just couldn't get enough! We wanted to take Melissa Rose with us but she was off on hiatus probably sipping Pina Colada's somewhere. After that trip we vowed to take her with us next time! Kimberly and I were completely shocked at how chilly it was in Alberta but a couple of HOT CHOCOLATE babes warmed them right up! We still had a world of fun together and already can't wait to go back soon!


The rest of my summer was filled with days at the pool, BBQs, dinner dates in outdoor patios, shopping for lingerie, eating ice cream, going to parties and enjoying your company at my various incall locations. I'm so sad that the warm weather is cooling down and summer is coming to an end but I will remember each and every moment forever! I hate that I will have to wear more clothes now but I suppose there will be more for you to unravel from my body... like a 5'10" present!


Thank you to all those who made Summer 2019 an enjoyable one! I hope you had just as much fun to!