From Hoe to Heaux: Turning a Negative into a Positive

30th Jul 2018



Regular Definition: An ancient and versatile agricultural and horticultural hand tool used to shape soil, remove weeds, clear soil, and harvest root crops.


Slang definition:

A trashy and slutty female with a promiscuous nature. 


Society has turned an essential and versatile tool into one of the many ways to objectify and insult a woman who is sexually liberated and free. They say that a woman who is sexual and who openly enjoys sex or attention from the opposite sex is a slut... whore... hoe. She should be ashamed. She is supposed to dress modestly, she shouldn't talk about her desires, or have sex before marriage. The list goes on about the expectations placed on women and how they should dress and behave. Yet the same limitations are not placed on men. In fact it is quite the opposite. Men are praised for the amount of bodies they've had in their bed or the ability to pick up women. They are allowed to walk in public shirtless.


Why is this so? Why do we set up a reality where women should be ashamed for having a human sexual nature and men do not? Is this allowed to change or must we really live like this?


Well... nearly 2 decades after the turn of the 21st century women have progressed and advanced much further than ever! (Kudos to our foremothers for accomplishing many firsts and for laying down the ground work for us women today!) Women today are developing a much st influence. We dominate the business and fashion world. We are rising in politics. We can all finally bloom into the beautiful flowers we are meant to be!


So along with these changes came a revolution to the idea of the "hoe." We turned this word into something that felt sexual, classy and shameless. This the "Heaux" was born. Same pronunciation yet a different outlook on the word. A negative has been turned into a positive. A Heaux is a woman with major sex appeal and style. A woman that isn't ashamed of her desires to dance in the sheets with whomever she chooses. A woman that has beauty and brains and knows how to use them both.


Eventually the words Hoe and Heaux have blurred into the same thing and is starting to become much less of an insult.


I wanted to write this blog post because a while back while my old twitter account was still active, I started a tweet with, "To my fellow hoes..." I got so much love from other companions and sex workers whether they were high class or lower class. So many likes and retweets in agreement. Yet a man took the time to comment that he found it tasteless and tacky for a companion to call herself a hoe. He said a real professional would never use that word and should always refer to herself as a VIP companion.


Here we go again dictating how a woman should portray herself to the world. Why can't we be a Heaux and still be regarded as classy, upscale companions? Hello! I work in the adult industry! I'm allowed to mix business with pleasure. I'm allowed to be slutty and still professional! So after expressing my disagreement with him I blocked him and continued to feel good about myself and how I choose to live. I feel good that I don't have to hide and pretend that I'm not a sexual human being like everyone else. Gone are those days. I'm embracing my true nature as a woman. My true nature as a Heaux. So go ahead call me a hoe. I dare you. That word no longer has a negative meaning to me and I hope that others will begin to feel the same. Always turn negatives into positives and be happy my darling!