Fly Me To You... Melissa With Wings

1st Sep 2018

I LOVE travel! Who doesn’t? A new adventure with Prince Charming waiting just for me from across the globe. What a fantasy and I get to love it in real life! Packing the cutest outfits, picturing the food, the music, the culture. I get a thrilling rush the days just before take off. 


Just yesterday I returned from yet my third “Fly Me To You” trip to Barbados with the same gentleman. You could say he’s developed sort of an addiction for the Melissa Carter Experience. It was amazing to smell the ocean in the air and feel the hot tropical sun absorbing its rays into my skin. The colour of my skin becomes deeper and richer giving me a natural glow that lasts a few weeks! With trips like these I tend to come back glowing from the inside out!


I‘ve always found travel to be very therapeutic. Some of those who travel for business may disagree. However my trips often have an exhilarating and unforgettable combination of business and pleasure. Lucky me! Lucky you to should you ever take advantage  of that opportunity with me! Imagine that feeling... waking up next to me with the sheets and my legs tangled around you. Showering together. Having breakfast while I lean in to lick the drop of coffee from your bottom lip. Going for a drive across the island to the best beach with aqua waters that are crystal clear. In the water I’d wrap my long legs around your waist where you will feel just how warm and inviting I am. 


You want more. So much more... We are overwhelmed with so many options with nothing and no one in our way to stop us from exploring them and each other.  Not your mother, not your boss, not your wife.... It is just you, me and the secrets we share. 


During the day, I enjoyed beach hopping, snorkeling with the turtles and boat parties with locals and travellers from the UK. At night I enjoyed exotic dinners, exotic drinks and exotic dancing to music that brings out the heat from my very core. My most favourite time of day is what I like to call After Dark where the last of the rules are broken and we head to our suite or back to the beach where it is just the two of us and the sound of the waves. All the pent up energy, desire, joy, lust built up throughout the day to come crashing into the fiery climax that could escape nowhere else but with in ourselves. Together all day and yet that is the one thing we share completely. The one thing that connects us so wholly. 


Could you picture it? Could you feel it with me? Now imagine a weekend or a week like this with Melissa Carter. A tropical beauty you can’t get enough of. This was just one of the days I spent in Barbados. I’m already looking forward to my next trip in the future. Where will I go next? Where will you take me? Pun Intended.