Dear 2020... Is this year my last rodeo?

23rd Jan 2020


Dear 2020,

It's a new decade and I'm grateful to have made it! This year presents a load of changes and opportunities and I feel excited and somewhat overwhelmed as well. The previous year had some challenges but I am so proud of my major accomplishments! The hardships made the victories so much sweeter and I'm happy with how life is shaping out. Being a secret girlfriend companion here in Toronto has definitely played a role in who I'm turning out to be.


I'd like to think I've always been a good person with good intentions but working/playing in this industry has taught me compassion, confidence, and values such as being kind to others, nonjudgmental and open to all walks of life. It also somewhat hardened me so now I'm sharp as steel but I'm lucky to not be jaded. It showed me some pretty dark things as well that I have learned from and it has prepped me to be wise and aware of the world around me. Not everyone means you well so you must cherish those that do! I became an extremely good listener and conversationalist even though I used to suffer from social anxiety. I made so many wonderful connections with incredible gentlemen and couples along the way! Some who have been around since the very beginning and still call me on occasion no matter how many changes I've gone through. I'm humbled that my lovers are so taken by my company! I'm also so happy to have made friends with other companions and service providers. It's so wonderful to be a part of such an amazing community of women who can relate to my journey in their own way. I've connected with many people I will never forget.


I have been a companion for a few years now and I always knew the day would come when I finally hang up my stripper heels. I didn't know how it would come to an end but I believed that surely, all good things must come to exactly that... an end. Last year, I was very sick for a couple of weeks and it gave me a lot of time to really think about the direction I'm going in life. I started to think about what I'm good at, what I love to do and ultimately what I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. You see, working as a girlfriend companion has also taught me how to run a business. Although it was hard in the beginning, it later became quite fun doing my research and building my brand from the ground up. I had developed a passion for what I do. I love making gentlemen and couples happy! Especially when I knew that out of thousands of other ladies, they chose to spend their time and earnings on me as a treat to themselves. How humbling is that?! Whether I saw a lover just once or many times over and over, I'm always overjoyed to be a positive influence in someones life. Their sweet escape. Their happy moment. Seeing that smile at the very end is rewarding.


I realized that I really enjoyed making people happy! I truly do! That's how I get a sense of fullfilment on a daily basis. I thought, "How can I continue to make people happy outside of this indusatry? How can I make a positive impact?" After a long time of thinking, it finally clicked! I wanted to be an entreprenuer and start my own business. I cannot tell you what kind of business I'd like to start, for this is a journey for my personal life alone. From there, I made a plan on how I will transition out of my secret life and into my everyday life permanently. The first step is to go back to school. I start school full-time in the summer of this year which means I will start to have limited availability. I will be focused on my 'civie' job and on my studies. By the end of the year, I predict I will be getting prepared for the next phase of my life.


By December 31, 2020, I will officially be semi retired. This means that I will be a low volume companion that will no longer be accepting new clients at my normal rate. I will only accept new clients at a new, more substantial rate increase for the following year. HOWEVER, I will also have a loyalty program called the White Knight Pass. Only 10 gents will be selected and only they will still be allowed to book me at my current rate. My White Knights will be gents who have loyally and consistently booked me for years or months and have allowed me to build the best connection with them. They will still be allowed to see me at my old rate. Everyone else wanting to book will be referred to my most favourite and trusted girlfriends in the industry  should they not make the list. 


Any NEW gents I manage to see will be of an entirely different demographic, that will have the full ability to afford my time and company at the new substantial rate! It would most certainly help me in starting my new business and still have fun with gents who really and truly desire me that much! By the fall of 2021 I will have phased out of semi retirement and into full retirement. I thought long and hard and I decided that this was my best exit plan out of the adult indistry. I felt this to be the best way to phase out of an industry that truly made me but ultimately does not define me. A year would be a good amount of time to see nearly everyone who enjoys spending time with me near or far. Those who see me weekly and those who see me quarter annually will have a fair chance to enjoy the last of our good times together and then say our goodbyes! 


So as it stands, my days as your loveable girlfriend companion in Toronto will come to an end before you know it!

There so many things I'd absolutely LOVE to do before I exit the industry. Most of which involves travelling!

- Go on a girls trip with my fellow GFE ladies

- Go on a few more Fly Me To You trips!

- Tour all over Canada

- Tour the USA

- Tour Europe

- Learn erotic pole dancing

- Start a side gig as an escort photographer/driver

- Start a side gig renting private incalls for my girlfriends to use

- Write and erotic story in my blog

- Write a book of my memoirs and lessons for new girls entering the industry

- Throw a big retiremnet party


I'm sure I will think of a few more things as the months go by. It's only the beginning of the year so I will take my time enjoying this last rodeo with you! I look forward to seeing your face and giving you a kiss to thank you for the memories we were able to share together! Until December 31, 2020 I will be here to make your dreams and your most intimate fantasties come true. I will be here to hold you close, cuddle, laugh, hold our deepest conversations, and share our most passionate moments together! 


See you soon love!


XoXo Meliss Carter