Anticipation (Erotic Story Ch. 2)

22nd Mar 2020


I checked into the Shangri-La hotel right in the heart of downtown Toronto. I made sure to pick a room with the best view of the CN tower. I always thought it looked nice when it’s lit up at night.  My mind wasn’t thinking of architecture for long before my thoughts were invaded by images of a pink dress, brown skin and a dazzling smile. I made a beeline for the desk in the corner of the room and dropped my luggage on the floor. I opened my laptop and before I could even type the first three letters of the website I so badly wanted to visit, I got a phone call from work. Of course, they were calling. They were always calling! I growled in frustration before answering. I was on the phone for nearly an hour, pacing back and forth before I could finally hang up and rest my mind again. I was utterly exhausted and I hadn’t eaten after I landed. My stomach made that strange reminder sound telling me that I had been neglecting it today. So, I decided that room service was probably a good idea.


After placing the order, I checked my watch for the time. It was 12:07pm. I still had about 2 and a half  hours before my next meeting. I fell into the pillows of the large king size bed and savoured the moment of silence. I saw that pink dress again behind my eyelids and my eyes snapped open when I remembered what I was going to do before the phone call. I scrambled off the bed heading towards the laptop on the desk. I sat down and finally managed to enter the website I’ve been dying to see since I received it earlier this morning. I was impatient as it loaded but in reality, it probably didn’t take that long at all. The website was golden, reminding me almost of royalty. I read the home page and was already intrigued. “Welcome To My World” it said, followed by a short introduction. She was well spoken when we met but now I could see in her writing that she was an intelligent woman.


The next tab over said, ‘Art Gallery’. Were they paintings? The tab beside that one said, ‘Discover Me’ and upon reading that page I was thoroughly fascinated. The way she described herself and her love for connecting with a man, it felt almost as if she was speaking right to me. I felt the blood rush to my face when I read, “I want to know what makes your pulse awaken, what makes your toes curl and what steals your breath away like a thief in the night.” Wow... she was so… naughty. Erotic. Sensual. I couldn’t come up with the word as I read through more of her site. I finished that page and was now suddenly interested in seeing her Art Gallery. Just what kind of art was a girl like this into?


I clicked the page and there was no turning back. I was blown away when I saw the provocative images of her in lingerie and tasteful nudity. Oh yes this is definitely an art gallery! Dear God! So she is  a model! I haven't met a model before. It was strange that she blurred that pretty face of hers but I could tell it was her. The essence of her was there. The dark hair, the skin tone, that body... I was captivated and mesmerised even more so now than ever before. She was so bold, yet she hid her face. I suppose that's why she calls it art. I felt a familiar stiffness grow in my pants and there was nothing to stop me from reaching inside to stroke it. I went through each and every picture, growing harder by the minute panting wildly as I stroked myself and imagined her hand pumping me instead. I pictured her with me, in those positions and wearing those sexy outfits. There was no time to feel ashamed with what I was doing. Afterall, she did give me this website herself for my literal viewing pleasure.


I was so caught up with pleasuring myself that I nearly yanked it off my body when I heard a knock at the door followed by a voice that said, “Room service!” Shit... I forgot! I looked down at my throbbing cock in my hand and my pants around my ankles. I heard the knock again.


“J-just hold on a sec!” I hollered at the closed door. I scrambled to pull my pants up as I hopped across the room. When I opened it there was a man on the other side with a cart of food. He blinked a couple times and furrowed his brow when he glanced over me. I silently cursed to myself for not checking in the mirror before opening the door. I probably looked disheveled and the slightest  breeze down the hall allowed me to feel a draft in my pants indicating that my zipper was most likely still pulled down. Way to go Kyle. The man wheeled in the food, I signed the bill to my credit card and he left in a hurry without another word. I sighed, noticing I had grown soft and that he completely ruined my good buzz. I sat back down in front of the computer neglecting my stomach yet again. I have to see this girl and soon!


Another page titled ‘Investment’ caught my eye. She described the value of an investment before diving into a series of rates for her time. You mean I could spend as much time as I want with this tall sexy vixen as long as I pay for her time? I slapped myself in the forehead and feeling ridiculous for not coming to the conclusion sooner.  Then again I hadn't slept for almost 20 hours. It all makes perfect sense now. She’s an escort! Go figure! I thought I may have had a chance to date a model. Then I thought about all the money I spent and wasted in my last marriage and concluded that this was a hell of a lot cheaper than being married and there was no commitment. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve heard about this kind of thing but it never crossed my mind to venture into it. Well I'm not getting any younger and life isn't really all that interesting for the time being. Why not give it a try?  How could I not after everything I saw?


The way she described herself and what she does on her website made the opportunity all the more inviting. I remembered that she referred to herself on the plane as a tour guide. Based on what I was reading, I had a feeling she would let me explore more than just the city. The thought alone set my pulse racing all over again.


The question now is how do I set this up with her?  My eyes scanned her site again and landed on her ‘Book Me’ page. She makes this easy! I just have to fill out this booking form and I’m good to go! I read through the form but I was disappointed to see that she requires a bit of personal information from me before I could see her. That made me feel a bit uneasy so I sent her an email asking if I could bypass that part. While I waited for a reply I started to eat the food on the cart before it could grow too cold. My mind wandered as I ate. How lucky was I to find this incredibly attractive young Goddess who would give me the opportunity to spend time with her? To touch her… hold her… taste her soft, fragrant skin. I felt a shiver run down my spine  at the thought of her. I finished my food and then checked my email again. I was very delighted to see she replied so quickly.


“Hello Kyle,


How are you doing? It’s so nice to hear from you again! Believe me, I understand your concern for your privacy, but you can rest easy knowing that your information will be handled with care. I’ve been a private companion for over 5 years now and never once have I mishandled anyone’s information. I ask these screening questions because there was a time when I never used to and now unfortunately this industry that I work in has shown me that it can be dangerous just as much as it can be fun if I'm not careful. If it wasn’t for that, then I wouldn’t have a need for this necessary step when booking. If you can put your trust in me with your personal info then I can put my trust in you not to bring harm to me in any way once we are alone together.



It’s also very important that you do your own research on any lady you wish to see. You shouldn’t give your information to any companion without doing your part in researching to see if she is professional, reliable and trustworthy first! When you research my name and number, you will see that I have a professional website with professional photos. I have a large social media following and also numerous reviews from those who have seen me in the past and can vouch for me. You’re a businessman right? Would you jeopardize your business and reputation by mishandling client information? Most likely not! Please understand that I am very much the same as you in this regard. I will not risk ruining my own reputation by ruining yours. It’s not worth it when this is my very livelihood in which I support myself. I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about sweetheart. At the same time, I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. The ball is in your court now. What will you decide?




Melissa Carter


I read the email and then read it again. She listed some very valid points that I couldn’t argue with. I searched her name and number as she suggested and found out all that I could about her. She was right. She had glowing reviews from others who say she is trustworthy, her pictures are accurate, and many have seen her numerous times. She comes highly recommended. Not a single review anywhere about her misusing personal info. Not a single review saying that she provides a bad experience. Everything I researched came back positive. She was right and boy was I ever glad that she was! I filled out the screening form and hit send.


My excitement only grew by the minute. I sat back in my chair and checked my watch. I stood up with great haste when I realized I had just 15 minutes to shower and get ready to leave for my next meeting. If everything goes as planned, I should be meeting Melissa again tonight for a late dinner date. I unbuttoned my shirt as I headed to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and checked to make sure the temperature was cold. Perfect.