Hello Sweetheart,


I'm happy that you've made it here! Take off your shoes, relax and make yourself at home! I want you to feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you start reading this website, to the moment you leave my warm embrace with that dreamy smile on your face!

Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself! I am Melissa Carter, a captivating young woman with style, charm and alluring passion! I am a woman who's affection knows no bounds! Revel in my youthful energy that is so refreshing to be around, that it gives you a boost of life as if you had been awakened from a long dream.


I adore catering to a gentleman with a desire for only the best quality experiences above all else. It is my pleasure to spend time with a man that has such a lust for life that he wants nothing more than to share with gorgeous company! I hold the highest respect for a gent that knows exactly what he wants and goes after it like a prize awaiting just for him at the finish line!


Welcome to a world where I can be your ultimate fantasy, your desirable confidante and your stunning arm candy! Let's build incredible chemistry together and see where this adventure takes us! Are you ready to feel the sparks flying between us as our hearts set ablaze?



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I invite you to get to know me...


Life is far too short to spend it living like everyone else. It is a gift meant to be enjoyed, savoured and experienced with just the right company! What better company than a bright, young woman who takes pleasure in holding meaningful conversations, sharing moments of genuine laughter and then counting the stolen glances from across the dinner table? 


You will find that I'm a woman who has an insatiable craving for connection, chemistry and intimacy with a mature and thoughtful gentleman like yourself! I love to selectively indulge in the finer things in life with someone who is as thrilled by adventure as I am! Art and travel are two things that have captured my heart. If I'm not on a plane, I'm exploring an art gallery or museum or I may even get a little dirty myself and paint on a freshly stretched canvas. I've always had a passion for creating abstract art of women and divine feminine shapes. I dream of one day displaying my pieces for the first time in an art gallery for everyone to enjoy!


Being a lover of art and beauty, I find the most joy in living my life artistically and full of expression. I can't think of a better way than to express myself by mastering the age old Art of Seduction! If seduction is my medium of choice, then you are to be my canvas where I may paint my every passion onto you for as long as you so desire. Relish in the softest touch of my lips to your ear, as my smooth sultry voice whispers such things that will make your pulse quicken its pace. Feel your skin set ablaze as my finger tips leave a trail of fire, eliciting a heat from deep within you. Inhale my sweet and delicious scent, taste my sweet delicious... mind... as we delve deeper into conversation and deeper still into one another. 


I want to know what you're thinking when you're looking at me with your eyes glazed over. I want to know what steals your breath away like a thief in the night. 


 "Well-behaved women seldom make history."

 - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich




And deeper still...


I am a diverse woman with a wide range of interests! I enjoy intimate dinners, dancing, sporting events and also lying out in the sun wearing the tiniest of bikini's! Often times, I find myself reading fictional tales of romance, fantasy and/or science fiction. If I'm reading a non-fiction book, I tend to gravitate towards books that allow me to learn a new skill and/or way of life. My love for reading eventually sparked a love for writing as well. You will find that I have a way with words that will bring humor and excitment into your life, allowing you to forget about your stress, worries and troubles. With me, you'll literally find peace in leaving all those things at the door! If you're laughing and smiling, then my heart is full!


I can be described as the perfect combination of alluring maturity, and endless youthful energy. I have a personality that is warm and refreshing to be around. I strive to bring you maximum fulfillment and self actualization in life. The more you learn about me, the more you begin to learn about yourself and all that you're capable of!





It's all in the details...


Now it's one thing to look at a picture, but it's another thing entirely to know exactly what you're dealing with here. There are 3 words that describe my physique perfectly. Tall, toned and curvy. What a delicious combination! I eat healthy enough and go to the gym regularly to maintain my shapely hourglass figure. My hygiene is always impeccable and you can expect that I will always be clean and well groomed to the finest detail. I take pride in my physique and I am always well dressed for any occasion whether dressed up, dressed down or wearing absolutely nothing but my luxuriously soft, bronze skin!





Age: Late 20's

Height: 5'10" (without heels)

Weight: 160lbs

Body Type: Tall, Curvy & Well Proportionate

Eyes: Lustful, Deep Brown

Hair: Long/Black (Straight or curly)

Enhancements: None (All Natural)

Measurements: 36DD-27-44 

Ethnicity: Ebony/Black

(Canadian born, of Cuban/Jamaican decent)

Dress size: 12

Shoe Size: 10.5 (US) / 42 (EUR)

Style: Classy, Sexy, Fashionable




Favourites & Interests


Being an open minded woman has allowed me to enjoy the adventure of trying new things which lead me to discover a wide variety of hobbies and interests! The world is filled with endless possibilities. Let me know if you'd like to explore any of my hobbies and interests with me! I find pure joy in exploring my passions with a fine gentleman as adventurous as I am!


I Like To Eat...

• Caribbean food

• Spanish food

• Italian food

• Freshii (Healthy fast food)

• Salmon

• Tandoori Chicken

• Fruits

• Sushi (no raw fish please)

• Cookies and cream icecream


I Enjoy...

• Fitness

• Reading (Non-fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

• Trying new foods

• Flowers (Orchids, Lotus', Lilies)

• Soft kisses down my neck

• Travel

• Shopping (show me a girl that doesn't!)

• Writing

• Painting

• Playing sports (basketball, volleyball, badminton) 

• Theatre

• Drinking Champagne, Cosmos or Brown Rum

• Watching old B&W movies

• Swimming

• Scuba diving


I've always wanted to...

• Travel to Paris, Japan, Ghana, Thailand and Italy

• Scuba dive a ship wreck

• Go to a Burlesque show in Las Vegas

• Ride a motorcycle

• Create my very own fashion line

• Start a business in all natural hair care and skin care

• Go rock climbing

• Learn to play tennis

• Walk on a runway



When you have finished exploring every inch of me... I mean website, feel free to reserve a date that suits both of our schedules! If you are ready to feel needed, wanted and cherished by a charming young woman with exotic features and a witty sense of humor, then you can rest assured that you are in the right place at the right time and you are about to invest into the experience of your life! See you on the other side of the screen!




Melissa Carter




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